Original High Five

Andreas är med i ett av Sveriges snabbast växande ska-band och så här har beskrivs de på deras hemsida:

“We play. Ska.”

It doesn’t take more to explain what they do. 
But relax, the music itself is not quite as restrained. 
This seven-piece band from Stockholm knows how to increase your pulse with a disarming
joy-stomping-sweaty-groove-in-your face-attitude. The style is best described as powerful ska.
But you’ll hear some obvious influences from reggae and punk rock as well.

Their debut EP Remember This Feeling (2010) and album The Creation Of… (2012), will be
followed by a full-length record, released in May 2013.

Original High Five has played all the way from the smallest clubs to the Peace & Love Festival – and
they don’t really care about room. What’s more important is what’s actually going on in that space.

Let the music do the talking.